Anthracite UPVC Fascia & Soffit

Our anthracite grey soffit boards are a product for protecting the underside of roofing elements, and our anthracite soffit boards bring a clean and luxury finish to your project needs. Our soffit board products give you a great, metal grey finish along with the durability and strength our high quality PVC materials deliver. This is important because a soffit board serves two major purposes, to improve the visual looks of your property and to protect the sensitive construction materials they cover.
To best serve you we offer three variants of our anthracite soffit boards and a number of useful products to help get the finish you need. These three versions are solid boards, vented boards, and hollow boards. Our anthracite soffit boards come in a standard size of 9 mm in thickness, 5m in length, and a choice of widths from 100mm to 605mm.

Our anthracite fascia board products offer a great way of capping and/or replacing your existing timber fascia boards with a solid luxury and stylish finish.
PVC fascia boards have a number of advantages over timber fascia boards, including better durability, longevity, and resistance to damage. They are also very cost effective and require significantly less maintenance and costs. We offer two versions of fascia boards, replacement boards and capping boards.
Replacement boards are great for replacing old timber boards and bringing in a solid clean look and finish to your project.
Capping fascia board products are an effective solution in protection and coverage of your existing timber based fascia boards. We offer them in sizes of: 9mm thickness, 5m in length and a choice in widths from 100mm to 605mm.

Also don’t forget we offer a number of products in grey which includes, corners, joints, trims, vents and pins to help get that quality finish you deserve.

Whichever variant you choose will depend on the project you are working on, but if you need any assistance in choosing the right design for your needs, then feel free to get in touch and we will help with all your questions and queries.
  • Products Offered
  • Anthracite Fascia Capping Board
  • Anthracite Fascia Replacement Board
  • Anthracite Soffit Board
  • Anthracite Fascia Joints
  • Anthracite Fascia Corners both Internal and External
  • Anthracite Gable End Joint
  • Anthracite Soffit Board H Trim
  • Grey Round Soffit Vent
  • Grey Poly Top Pins