Multipanel Adhesives and Seals

Multipanel Panel Adhesive

(Inc £10.63)

Sealux Silicone Sealant

(Inc £12.17)

Multipanel Seal Strip Kit

(Inc £57.72)

Multipanel Adhesives and Sealants

You can't install Multipanel products without these essential additions these are vital items required to use with all Multipanel installations. In this category you will find all the adhesives and silicones as well as seal strip kits and installation care kits.

Panel adhesive is a must when installing our Bathroom Wall Panels our adhesive is white and can also be used as a sealant in the same way as you would use silicone but if you prefer silicone that is made for the job then we have a white and clear option available within this category under the silicone product tab.

Seal Strip Kits are ideal for creating a super seal between your panels and your bath, you will receive all you need within the kit to seal a bath or a shower, there is also an option for additional strips if 2 isn't enough.