Rosewood UPVC Shiplap Cladding

External Open V Cladding uPVC Rosewood 100mm

(Inc £31.75)

Shiplap Cladding UPVC Rosewood 150mm

(Inc £34.74)

100mm Open V Cladding Butt Joint Rosewood

(Inc £6.50)

150mm Shiplap Cladding Butt Joint Rosewood

(Inc £5.72)

Shiplap Cladding Center Joint Trim UPVC Rosewood

(Inc £13.90)

Shiplap Cladding Starter Trim UPVC Rosewood

(Inc £15.74)

Cladding 2 Part External Corner Trim UPVC Rosewood

(Inc £59.40)

Shiplap Stainless Fixing Pins 30mm Quantity 250

(Inc £9.00)

Rosewood uPVC External Shiplap Cladding

Our rosewood shiplap cladding products offer a low cost solution to protecting the outside of your building.
Our cladding is made from a very high quality uPVC and is made to seriously survive against the great British weather and shield the structure on which it sits.
With our rosewood shiplap cladding not only do you create a protective shield around your property but you also leave a crisp clean wooden finish too.
Since our rosewood shiplap cladding protects your building it will save you a lot of time and cost in the future as it lowers wear and maintenance needs and is simple to clean, just warm soapy water to bring it all back to like new.
Feel free at any time to contact us and we will answer any questions and help get the products and finish you need.
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  • Rosewood Shiplap Cladding
  • Rosewood Shiplap Cladding Joint Cover
  • Rosewood Shiplap Cladding 2 Part External Corner Trim
  • Rosewood Shiplap Cladding Centre Joint Trim
  • Rosewood Shiplap Cladding U Trim