Acrylic Panel Profiles & Adhesives

Wet-Wall Acrylic Panel End Cap

(Inc £15.56)

Wet-Wall Acrylic Panel External Corner Joint

(Inc £23.08)

Wet-Wall Acrylic Panel Internal Corner Joint

(Inc £21.49)

Wet-Wall Acrylic Panel Joint Strip

(Inc £17.64)

Wet-Wall Acrylic Panel Adhesive & Sealant

(Inc £12.17)

Wet-Wall Acrylic Wall Panel Profiles

Wet-Wall Acrylic profiles, silicone and panel adhesive are available in this category, our profiles are available in a chrome finish or colour matched to compliment the colour of the wet-wall acrylic panel that you have selected, in each items listing there is a text box for you to input the colour trim that you require.

Available trims:
  • End Cap
  • Internal Corner Joint
  • External Corner Joint
  • In-line Joint Strip
  • Clear Silicone
  • Clear Adhesive
Our profiles are designed to give you the flawless look that you are looking for.