Black Ash uPVC Trims

Architrave UPVC Black Ash 40mm, 60mm or 90mm

(Inc £10.04)

25mm D Section Trim UPVC Black Ash

(Inc £7.44)

20mm Edge Fillet Trim UPVC Black Ash

(Inc £8.75)

Quadrant Trim UPVC Black Ash 12mm

(Inc £7.78)

Quadrant Trim UPVC Black Ash 19mm

(Inc £8.68)

Rectangular Trim UPVC Black Ash 22mm x 20mm

(Inc £16.37)

90 Degree Black Ash UPVC Angle

(Inc £21.60)

Black Ash uPVC Trims

Our Black Ash uPVC trims are made to last and our high quality uPVC products will stay in great condition, be it from low quality environments to high usage areas, they can take abuse over and over again and still remain easy to clean, a wipe with warm soapy water is all it takes to bring them back to like new anytime of the day.
We supply architrave, window sill, trims, quadrants, angles and moulds all in black ash to give you the best choice of products to bring a quality, dark finish to your project.
We also offer a choice of sizes to help get the fit and finish you need.
If you need any help picking the product you require or any questions in supply, fitting or in general then feel free to get in touch, we are always on hand to help.
  • Products Offered
  • uPVC Black Ash Architrave
  • uPVC Black Ash D Section Trim
  • uPVC Black Ash Edge Fillet Trim
  • uPVC Black Ash Quadrant Trim
  • uPVC Black Ash Rectangular Trim
  • uPVC Black Ash Rigid Angle Trim