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Multipanel Aluminium Trims 11.5mm

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Multipanel Aluminium Profiles
Multipanel aluminium profiles 11.5mm are for use with our Linda Barker, Classic and Heritage range of luxury wall panels. All of our profiles are 2450mm in length this gives you a bit of cutting room for mitres etc. 

Available profiles ar as follows:
  • Internal Corner Joint (Type A)
  • External Corner Joint (Type B)
  • Square End Cap (Type C)
  • Mid Joint (Type D)
  • Last Corner (Type Y) - Ideal to use in a corner were you don't intend on using panels on the following wall.
  • Flush Corner (Type 100) - This can be used on both internal and external corners, ideal in tight spaces.
  • Quadrant End Cap (Type E)
Available Colours:
  • Satin Silver
  • Polished Chrome
  • White
  • Black
Multipanel profiles are required on all projects to give a seal and to produce a professional look. When installing your panels in an area where water is running you will need to put a bead of silicone inside the profiles as you install the panels.