Multipanel Ceiling Panel Range

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Multipanel Ceiling Panel Collection

Now it's time to apply the finishing touch to your new Multipanel bathroom,

Your floor is down and your wall panels are in place, now all there is left to do is choose your easy to fit Ceiling Panels from a great selection of 6 beautiful complementing designs, White Gloss, White Matt, White Ash, White Sparkle, Soft Grey Marble or Pergamon Marble. All our panels are 2700mm in length and 250mm in width each pack contains 4 panels covering a total area of 2.7m2.

These panels are installed using a tongue and groove system that slots together with ease, you can fit these panels with adhesive, we recommend using a staple gun on the lip as you install the panels, this will hold the panels in place to allow your adhesive to grab. Trims are available to finish off your ceiling project.

Delivered in 5 days or less.