RothPlas Composite Decking

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RothPlas WPC Decking

Give an amazing look to your outdoor space with RothPlas WPC Decking. Built using Eco-friendly materials and made strong our decking requires next to no maintenance as it stops algae growth and can be cleaned simply with warm water.

We also offer a range of trims and fixings to compliment the decking panels to give a great finish to your decking.

Our decking and fixing can be used at home, schools, office or work, public areas, refurbishment schemes, Pubs, Restaurants and many many other places where you want a high-quality area for you and others to enjoy while requiring little to no effort to remain clean and fresh always.

If you need any help from picking your colour, how to install or any other questions you need to ask then don't hesitate to get in touch, our friendly dedicated team or always happy to help.